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Prison Break Season 5 Episode 8 Progeny


Wow! What a beginning. This whole arc has been non stop from the beginning. Yes, we know Michael is the high IQ man but Linc has shown his will and firtitude this season. Without michael around, linc has had to do a lot of planning and moves. I love that he has shown this side to himself.

As a fan lf Flash and Legends lf Tomorrow, i can tell you Wentworth and Dominic can act. It was easy to see them as different roles. Dont get me wrong. I love them in the flash verse but i love them in Prison Break too.

This episode started with michel being poisoned and it would be implssible to get him to a doctor in ISIL territory. So Sara agrees to meet thrm in Greecehim up. When he showed Michael a picture of their son he finally realized that Posidien was her husband, which she already suspected. And he was home with their son alone. So Sara goes home and Michael finishes traveling home illegally since he’s wanted for death. During the travel, Michael recalls back to conversations with Jacob, Posidian, jacob let him know he knew how many times he had been at the zoo, different things hed done, so Michael was worried about Sara and Mike. Thats why he let them think he was dead. Im surprised Jacob didnt threaten Lincoln which in objective theroy was a dumb mistake.

When Sara gets home, she calls her best friend and asks her to pick her son up from a sleepover as quickly as possible. Sara threatens her husband, Jacob with a gun. He tells her she will never see her son if she doesnt out the gun down.  Ok…a little thought here. Why do women always think they have to put the gun down? Shoot him and then go get your son. Thats just my response to women in movies. We see so docile. As a mother bear id claw his eyes out until i had my son. Ok…fun over.

Linc, C-note, And Sheeba hatch a plan to get the $100,000 Linc owns to get them home safely. Then they pretend to have 3 vans of DEA agents ready to pull in if they dont take the hit off. It works for now. …my thought….shoot the drug dealer anyways, take the money you need and haul ass. Ok…rant over. Sometimes i wonder who writes some of these scripts. Well, knowing they have to go up north, Linc kisses Sheeba. She asks why?  He wants her safe. Well, they find Michael Jr, but somethings wrong. Theres a woman sitting in the bedroom that could be Sara but its not….its the hit team. In the same timeframe, lin is spayed in bullets by the dealer heps.

Well, little mikey drew a picture of a boat that jacob thought would look like a map inside the picture. He uses it to lure Michael and Linc there. I wouldnt want to